Increase Your Cash Flow

Increase your cash flow as you no longer are responsible for Workers Compensation, Social Security or unemployment costs as well as the ability to pay from one invoice instead of writing many payroll checks.

Cut Your Expenses

Cut your expenses by getting relief from recruiting and advertising costs, eliminating paperwork or data processing costs normally connected with hiring, paying only for productive time, the ability to change some jobs from fixed to a variable expense, and reducing turnover expense.

Improve Efficiency

Improve efficiency by freeing up your Personnel Department to work on other important areas other than the time consuming task of recruiting, qualifying, testing and verifying background, reference and employment checks for each employment opportunity.

Web Access

TruTEMPS’s Client Login is our online solution that gives you the freedom and flexibility to manage your contingent workforce demands from anywhere. This powerful web portal gives you access to account specific features such as:

· Ability to electronically approve time cards

· Turnover management

· 24 hr. invoice detail and payment history

· Customized access levels for your users

· Over 20 online management reports

· Place orders online

· Plus, No More Paper or Paper Time Sheets!


Hiring Process