Hire Quality Professional Help for Your Next Event

TruTemps Staffing Solutions is a trusted name in staffing in El Paso and Las Cruces NM. We can tailor our services to fit your specific event staffing needs. If you’re a event caterer or coordinator needing a high quality and dependable staff, or a planner needing security, TruTemps event staff can help you from setting up to breaking down and clean up. Our team can help you take your event to the next level!

Our concert and event high quality staff include:


Our team is experienced on ropes, booms, lifts, hoists, high beams, ground rigging, and the like for stage production.

Load Out / Load In

Let TruTEMPS make sure the production of your event runs fast and smoothly.

Guest Services

Your guests are your most valuable assets. We have worked with Disney and other quality service experts to ensure that our guest service objectives are clearly communicated to our team. Our uniforms have the TruTEMPS logo on the chest and back to make our staff more approachable.

Ticket Takers

TruTEMPS ensures your patrons are greeted with excitement and genuine smile.


The TruTEMPS ushers take over as soon as the people enter the venue. Our trained staff will help the even run smoothing.

Parking and Transportation

You get an experienced team that works on getting your fans in and out of the event as quickly and safely as possible.

Misc and Other

TruTEMPS also has experience with stagehands, drivers, assistants, wardrobe, and many more.